Eureka - Volume 4

Originally,  the Third Volume  of Eureka was a large book  of over 700 pp. Subsequent editions divided it into two volumes called Volumes IIIA and IIIB. They comprised books of over 300 pp. each.  However, with the additional matter that we have included in the form  of illustrations and footnotes, a single Volume would make too unwieldy a book. As it is, the present volume, answering to Volume IIIA of previous editions exceeds  400 pp. And we anticipate the  final  Volume will exceed the present one in the additional information  we hope to include; for in the form  of footnotes,  we shall try to bring up to date the fulfilment  of Bible prophecy  in  accordance  with the Author's  anticipations  of  over 100 years ago.
Logos Publications
January, 1985.

John Thomas