Eureka - Volume 5

The original Edition of Eureka was divided into three volumes, so that the Author's  Preface  in  what we  have  published  as Volume  Four  should  also  be
read in conjunction with the present Volume. Since Eureka was first published, and since the death of its Author, world events have followed the pattern of prophecy as laid down in the Word, and expounded by him in Elpis Israel, Eureka and other works. For example, the Middle  East was wrested  from  Turkish power  during the  course  of World  War I, and the Empire as such terminated shortly afterwards. In these events the political  Euphrates  has continued to  "dry up" in accordance with Rev.  16:12,  and the  "way of  the  Kings out of the  sun's rising" has been  in course of  "preparation". The Balfour Declaration inviting the Jewish people to return to their ancient  homeland,  and  establish  therein  a  national  home,  opened  the  way  for prophecies  of  the  restoration  to  commence.  And  in  other,  equally  dramatic events, the expositions of the Author have been remarkably vindicated. World War II saw the emergence  of  Soviet  Russia as a world power, followed  by the demand for the establishment of the Jewish State of Israel. The post-war world has witnessed  the consolidation  of these developments,  including the  division of  Europe into two parts through which can be seen the formation  of the two feet  of the Image seen by Nebuchadnezzar  in his dream.  Coinciding with that, the world has witnessed a tremendous advancement in the invention and manufacture of weapons of war of such destructive potentiality as to threaten the future of civilisation, answering to the requirements of the demoniac agitation indicated  by Revelation  16:14.  It is surely  of  the  highest  significance  that mankind today has in its hands such forces of destruction as could render the earth uninhabitable if ever they were used to the fullest extent possible. For this is the very condition  anticipated by The Apocalypse in Chapter  11:15: "And the nations were  angry,  and  thy wrath is come,  and the  time  of  the  dead,  that  they should  be  judged,  and  that  thou  shouldest  give  reward unto  thy servants  the prophets,  and to the saints, and them that fear thy name, small and great; and shouldest  destroy  them which destroy  the earth". Never before  have these words the significance  that they have today!
Elsewhere the Lord told his Apostles: "Men's hearts will fail them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth; for the powers
of  heaven  shall be  shaken  .  .  . And  when  these  things  begin to  come  to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh" (Luke 21:26-28). How  important  it  is,  in  these  closing  days  of  the  Gentiles,  that The Apocalypse should be studied,  in order that a better  appreciation  of things to come  should be  developed.
Eureka is outstanding  in providing  a help to  that end;  and we  esteem  it  an honour to be  associated  with the  issuance  of  a new Edition of what must rate as the outstanding exposition of The Apocalypse available — particularly in view of the blessings pronounced by Christ upon those who  read  it with understanding  (Rev.  1:3).  As  the  Author  of  Eureka  wrote: "The Apocalypse was given to the end that the servants of Deity who are keeping their garments might be able to discern the signs of the times preceding the apocalypse of Christ; and the real nature of things extant in their several generations. No believer understanding  this prophecy could be seduced into fellowship with the clerical institutions of this world; because he would see them in all their native deformity  and sin". It will be noticed by the discerning Reader, that the mammoth task that engaged  the Author  of Eureka, particularly in view  of  his limited resources,  resulted in some of the last chapters of The Apocalypse being treated more scantily than the earlier ones. Where we have deemed it helpful we have added comments of our own in the form of footnotes to supplement those of the Author, and  further  information  on  these  chapters  (Chapter  17 onwards)  can  be  obtained  from  the  verse  by  verse  exposition  of  the  Book  of  Revelation  in The Christadelphian   Expositor. In his preface  to the  final volume  of Eureka, the Author  declared  that it was only with the help of Yahweh that he was able to complete the task he set himself.  We feel somewhat similar in regard to the publication of this new Edition. We have been plagued with problems in producing it, but gradually these have  been  overcome,  and  it  is  with  great relief, profound  thankfulness  to Yahweh,  and deep appreciation to those who have assisted us, that we are enabled at last to place this final Volume in the hands of the Reader. We trust that he  derives the pleasure  from reading it that it has been ours in re-examining it and preparing it for reprinting.
Logos  Publications
January,  1986

John Thomas