001 - Life of Christ - Introduction

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Introducing the study of the life of the Lord Jesus Christ by Bro John Martin.
My brother and sisters, the study of the life of our Lord really began in 1986 at the Glen Loch Bible Camp which is held every Easter period on the banks of the River Murry. At that time the theme was In the Fullness of Time, and concerns the early chapters of Luke’s gospel, dealing with those matters that took place even before the birth of our Lord.
From there, of course, the study was continued back in the Enfield Ecclesia. And on every second Wednesday evening the class continued on until the last one was given on Sept. 12, 2001. So over a period of 15 years this study was progressed in our Ecclesia.
Brother and sisters, the study is dedicated to the memory of our Lord and the great work that He accomplished on our behalf, the Son of Almighty God. Let us never forget what He did for us. And if these studies can help in bringing back to our minds the reality of the things that were accomplished, then they would have performed the duty for which they were dedicated.
It was our Lord who said in the 17th chapter of John and verse 19, concerning his disciples as He prayed to his heavenly Father on their behalf, He said, “For their sakes I sanctify myself, that they also might be sanctified.” So it’s not just the fact that He came and died for his friends, laid down his life for those that He loves, which was a big enough sacrifice. Brother and sisters, it was a whole life of dedication in which a perfect life was required by the Father as the basis for his forgiveness of those sins which are an offense to him.
If God’s righteousness was declared in the death of his Son in showing that this night which we bear, which he shared with us in common is unworthy of perpetuation, then it is more equally clear that the righteousness of God had to be declared in a flawless life. And our appreciation ought to be enormous of that fact. The fact that our Lord, every moment of his life, did those things which pleased his Father, so that He was able to go finally to the Father’s presence and take with him the perfect life which the Father now has to share with all who come to him in faith. If He had not taught that life, He could not share it with us. And so the apostle says that Christ, who is our life, when He comes we shall be with him in glory, as he told the Colossians in that 2nd chapter of his epistle.
This then is a study concerning that life. I do hope that it serves its purpose. Initially, these studies of course were taped, and they have always been available. But because the study ran into almost two hundred sessions, two hundred tapes, it was rather costly. The compact discs, which have now been prepared, were done to try and reduce the cost, and the availability of course of these studies. Hopefully, therefore, many more brothers and sisters will be able to have access to them.
Also, included with these studies and on the CD is a copy of the notes used for the delivery of those addresses. It is to be stressed that these notes are not really verse by verse notes as we normally have in our studies. Like I’ve said, they are speaker notes. Consequently, they are brief and to the point. And, really, they need to be filled out to be able to appreciate the total meaning that they try to be convey. However, they may be helpful especially in remembrance of any quotes that might be made and so forth.
The proceeds from the sale of the CDs is going to be dedicated to the work of the mission field, and to the youth conference in New Zealand. Worthy causes, and we would in that respect, ask brothers and sisters to please not copy any of the recordings free of charge to any of your friends, because this will defeat the very purpose for which the CDs have been made.
Having said that, we would like to say, however that the main purpose is really that the studies themselves might be more readily available to a wider hearing, so that people might be able to appreciate the great work of our Lord Jesus Christ. Therefore, brothers and sisters, we leave these studies in your care. We hope and pray that they may be beneficial to you. And above all, we pray that they may indelibly inscribe in your mind the true greatness, or part of it at least, that we can comprehend the greatness of the Lord Jesus Christ and the wonder of God’s love expressed in him. As together, the Father and the Son, collaborated together to provide the means whereby we may one day follow him into eternity.

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