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Swahili Title English Title English file Swahili
1 Samuel Introduction File 00_-_introduction.docx view
Galatia sura ya 1 Galatians Chapter 1 Microsoft Office document icon Galatians1.doc Package icon galations1.zip PDF icon Galations1.pdf view
Galatia sura ya 2 Galatians Chapter 2 Microsoft Office document icon Galatians2.doc Package icon galations2.zip PDF icon Galations2.pdf view
Galatia sura ya 3 Galatians Chapter 3 Microsoft Office document icon Galatians3.doc Package icon Galations03.zip PDF icon Galations3.pdf view
Galatia sura ya 4 Galatians Chapter 4 Microsoft Office document icon Galatians4.doc Package icon Galations04.zip PDF icon Galations4.pdf view
Galatia sura ya 5 Galatians Chapter 5 Microsoft Office document icon Galatians5.doc Package icon Galations05.zip PDF icon Galations5.pdf view
Galatia sura ya 6 Galatians Chapter 6 Microsoft Office document icon Galatians6.doc Package icon Galations06.zip PDF icon Galations6.pdf view
Genesis Chapter 00 Introduction File CSSA 4-01-01(Gen - I).rtf File 376. Genesis Intro - Translation 1.docx PDF icon CSSA 4-01-01_Gen - I.pdf view
Jeremiah Chapter 39 File Jeremiah Chapter 39.docx view
Jeremiah Chapter 50 File Jeremiah Chapter 50.docx view