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Reading : Psalm 19

The Christadelphian Bible Postal Course is designed to help you understand the Bible, which is the Word of God. The Bible, sometimes called "the Scriptures", is the only book which reliably tells us about God and about His plans for the earth and the people on it. It promises a blessing for everyone who reads it with a sincere desire to understand it.

You will need your own Bible

It is a privilege to possess a copy of the Word of God. To follow this Course you will need to have your own copy of the whole Bible (not just the New Testament). If you do not already have one you can buy a copy quite cheaply at a branch of the Bible Society. There is one in almost every country. But if that is impossible for you, please tell your tutor immediately. He or she may be able to assist you in getting a second-hand one.

This Postal Course consists of 60 weekly papers. If your tutor (that is, the person sending the lessons to you) lives a long way from you it is probable that you will receive several lessons and a Question Sheet all together once a month. Your tutor is:

Your Reference Number is

Please use this number on all correspondence, answer papers etc.

Please send all your answers (and any questions) back to your tutor. It would help if you wrote only to your tutor, even though you may see other addresses on our literature.

The Bible quotations which you will find in this Course are taken from the English Authorised Version of the Bible. There are also very good modern versions like the Revised Standard Version (RSV) and the New International Version (NIV), but they may not be available in some countries. (You may find that the text of Bibles available in your country is slightly different.) But whichever of these versions you use it will not alter the meaning nor affect your study of the Bible.

This Bible Course is free. The only cost to you will be your airmail letter to your tutor once a month. Our aim is to help you to enjoy reading the Scriptures, and we want you to discover the wonderful message of salvation through Jesus Christ. We do not provide certificates or testimonials for taking the Course, but at the end of the 60 lessons we would like to assist you to continue your Bible study.

Bible References

When a reference from the Bible is given it will be written like this:

Genesis 1 —this means the Book of Genesis, chapter 1;

Genesis 1:1 -7—this means the Book of Genesis, chapter 1, verses I to 7 inclusive.

How to study the lessons

Make a practice of doing one lesson each week. We suggest that you ensure that you understand one paper before going on to the next. You may find it helpful to read each lesson three times. The first time, to get a general idea of what it is about; the second time, turning up the quotations in your own Bible and making a note on a piece of paper of any difficulties or questions; and the third time reading it right through again together with the recommended reading which you will find at the beginning of each paper. Then, at the end of each lesson you will find some other useful verses to look up in your Bible, and one Scripture which we strongly urge you to learn by heart. You will find that these verses will remain in your memory and will be a help to you throughout your life.

With yolfr first papers we also include a BIBLE READING PLANNER. This provides a method of reading one chapter of the Bible every day. If you are willing to do this you will quickly become familiar with different parts of the Bible. (You might like to keep your Bible Reading Planner inside your Bible, for daily use.) Then there is another aid which we hope you will wish to have. After your tutor has received your answers to Question Paper No. 1, he will send you a free copy of a little book called your BIBLE READING NOTEBOOK. This contains short comments on the daily readings. It is also a useful reference book about the Bible and it has many little maps and diagrams to help you in your study.

Answering the Questions

We ask you to send your answers every month to your tutor. (By airmail, please.) You should answer the questions in your own words. Do not just copy what the lessons have said. Try to say what you believe to be the truth. If you disagree with anything in the lessons, or have any questions, please say so. This is very important. Remember, we can help you much more if we know what you think. If for any reason you are not able to send the answers, then just send a note to say you are still interested and wish to continue to receive the papers.

Time well spent

Of course, studying these papers will take up some of your time—perhaps 1 5 minutes each day for your Bible reading and about an hour each week for studying the lesson. You will also need time to answer the question papers. But you will find that the Scriptures are so interesting that you will want to spend more and more time with them.

Read your Bible prayerfully

Begin each session of Bible reading or study with a prayer to God, asking for His help in your understanding. Here is a prayer from the Book of Psalms:

"Open Thou mine eyes, that I may behold wondrous things out of thy law" (Psalm 119:18)

If we ask Him, God will open our eyes and help us to understand His book, the Bible.

If we do not hear from you

We are sure that you will understand that there are many people around the world who wish to receive this Bible course. If we do not hear from you (for example by you sending in your completed question papers), we will assume that you no longer wish to receive the course. We will then stop sending the lessons.

If you have any difficulties in replying or sending complete question papers please contact your tutor and explain. We will then be pleased to continue to send you the course—we just need to know that the lessons are being received and are being used to assist you in your study of God's Word.

The Complete Bible Course

The following is a list of the titles of each of the 60 lessons of the course:



1 How to use this Bible Course

2 Who are the Christadelphians?

3 The Bible Our Guide

4 The Gospel

Question Paper no. 1

5 God and Creation

6 God so Loved the World

7 The Return of Jesus to the Earth

8 Signs of the Coming of Jesus

Question Paper no. 2

9 Thy Kingdom Come

10 God's View of History

11 The Kingdom of God—Peace on Earth

Question Paper no. 3

12 God's Promises to Abraham

13 The Jews in History—Part I

14 The Jews in History—Part II

15 God's Promises to David

Question Paper no. 4


                      16 The Father and the Son

                      17 The Life of Jesus

                     18 The Death of Jesus

                     19 The Resurrection and Ascension of Jesus Christ

                     Question Paper no. 5

                     20 God's Holy Spirit

                     21 Holy Spirit Gifts

                     22 Sin and its Consequences—Part I

                     23 Sin and its Consequences—Part II

                     Question Paper no. 6

                     24 By Grace are ye Saved

                     25 The Resurrection of the Dead

                     26 The Judgement

                     27 Everlasting Life

                    Question Paper no. 7

                     28 Angels

                     29 Devils (demons) and Satan

                     30 The Devil and Sin

                     31 Baptism

                    Question Paper no. 8

                     32 Christian Marriage

                     33 Problems in Marriage

                     34 Our Duty to the State

                     35 Prayer

                     36 Walking in Newness of Life

                   Question Paper no. 9

                     37 Daily Bible Reading

                     38 Fellowship with those of the Same Faith

                     39 The power of the tongue

                     40 The breaking of bread


                                 Question Paper no. 10


                     41 Family life in Jesus' service

                     42 The problem of sin

                     43 The Word of God in our Everyday Lives

                     44 The Ecclesia of God


                                           Question Paper no. 11


                                          45 How we think of other people is important to God

                               46 Loving your neighbour

                               47 The Bible teaching on suffering

                               48 Living in fear


                                           Question Paper no. 12


                               49 Is it right to be ambitious?

                               50 Honesty before God and his son Jesus Christ

                               51 The use and control of anger

                               52 The disciple and the State


                                           Question Paper no. 13


                               53 Sexuality, a gift from God

                               54 Choosing a partner

                               55 Some facts about judgment and the Kingdom

                               56 The priceless gift of hope in your life


                                           Question Paper no. 14


                               57 'Faith' and putting Christianity to work

                               58 The grace of God

                     59 A Summary of Bible Doctrines

                     60 The Next Step


                 Final Question Paper

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