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Swahili Title English Title English file Swahili
285. MANENO YA MWISHO YA YOSHUA CSSA 3-2-285 - THE LAST WORDS OF JOSHUA File cssa_3_2_285_eng.docx File 285._maneno_ya_mwisho_ya_yoshua.docx view
286. MACHAFUKO KATIKA ISRAELI CSSA 3-2-286 - CHAOS IN ISRAEL File cssa_3_2_286_eng.docx File 286._machafuko_katika_israeli.docx view
GIDEON AIKOMBOA ISRAELI CSSA 3-2-287 - GIDEON DELIVERS ISRAEL File cssa_3_2_287_eng.docx File 287._gideon_aikomboa_israeli.docx view
288. SAMSONI: MFANO WA IMANI NA UJINGA CSSA 3-2-288 - SAMSON: EXAMPLE OF FAITH & FOLLY File cssa_3_2_288_eng.docx File 288._samsoni_mfano_wa_imani_na_ujinga.docx view
289. RUTH CSSA 3-2-289 - RUTH File cssa_3_2_289_eng.docx File 289._ruth.docx view
290 SAMWELI: KUZALIWA KWAKE NA KAZI YAKE CSSA 3-2-290 - SAMUEL: HIS BIRTH AND MISSION File cssa_3_2_290_eng.docx File 290_samweli_kuzaliwa_kwake_na_kazi_yake.docx view
291. SAMWELI: ALIYEPENDELEWA MBELE YA NYUMBA YA ELI CSSA 3-2-291 - SAMUEL: PREFERRED BEFORE THE HOUSE OF ELI File cssa_3_2_291_eng.docx File 291._samweli_aliyependelewa_mbele_ya_nyumba_ya_eli.docx view
292. SAULO: CHAGUO LA WATU CSSA 3-2-292 - SAUL: THE PEOPLE'S CHOICE File cssa_3_2_292_eng.docx File 292._saulo_chaguo_la_watu.docx view
293. KUANGUKA KWA SAULI CSSA 3-2-293 - SAUL'S FAILURE File cssa_3_2_293_eng.docx File 293._kuanguka_kwa_sauli.docx view
294. DAUDI—ALIYECHAGULIWA NA MUNGU CSSA 3-2-294 - DAVID—CHOSEN BY GOD File cssa_3_2_294_eng.docx File 294_swa.docx view