Mbeya region

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Mbeya Region is one of Tanzania's 31 administrative regions. It is located in the country's southwest. The regional capital is the city of Mbeya. 0 Prior to 2016, it covered an area of 62,420 square kilometres (24,100 sq mi).

In 2016, Songwe Region was created from the western part of Mbeya Region, including the districts of Ileje, Mbozi and Momba. However even with this division the region historically proved difficult for the Christadelphian community in Tanzania to administer and the Kyela area was subdivided from the Region.  Mbeya Region is now bordered to the northwest by Tabora Region, to the northeast by Singida Region, to the east by Iringa Region, to the south by Zambia and Malawi, and to the west by Songwe Region.

Three Christadelphian fellowships are found in this region: Central, Dawn and MJC

Ecclesias in the Mbeya region:

Mbeya region

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