Kilombero valley

Kilombero District is a district in Morogoro Region, south-western Tanzania. The entire region is known as the Kilombero valley within Tanzanian Christadelphian circles due to the early work of Brother John Mkande in this region.

The district is situated in a vast floodplain, between the Kilombero River in the south-east and the Udzungwa-Mountains in the north-west. On the other side of the Kilombero River, in the south-east, the floodplain is part of Ulanga District.

The main ethnic groups are Wapogoro, Wandamba, Wabena, and Wambunga and several others in small proportions.

The area is predominantly rural with the semi-urban district headquarters Ifakara as major settlement. The majority of the villagers are subsistence farmers of maize and rice. There are large plantations of teak wood in the Kilombero and the neighbouring Ulanga districts. In the north-west of the district, Illovo Sugar Company's sugar-cane plantations occupy most of the lowlying area.

Ecclesias in the Kilombero valley: