Karibu Wakristadelfiani wa Tanzania

Wakristadelfiani (neno umba kutoka Kigiriki kwa "Ndugu katika Kristo";. Linganisha Wakolosai 1:02 - "Ndugu katika Kristo") ni kundi la Kikristo kuwa maendeleo katika nchi za Uingereza na Amerika ya Kaskazini katika karne ya 19. Jina lilibuniwa na John Thomas, ambaye alikuwa mwanzilishi wa kikundi hicho. Wakristadelfiani kushikilia mtazamo wa Unitarianism Biblia.

Ingawa hakuna takwimu rasmi uanachama ni kuchapishwa, Encyclopedia Columbia inatoa takwimu ya makadirio ya Wakristadelfiani 50,000, ambao ni kuenea katika nchi takriban 120, kuna imara (au eklezia, kama wao mara nyingi huitwa) makanisa katika nyingi ya nchi hizo, pamoja na pekee wanachama. Sensa takwimu zinapatikana kwa baadhi ya nchi. Makadirio ya vituo vya kuu ya wakazi wa Kristadelfiani ni kama ifuatavyo: Uingereza (18,000), Australia (9987), Malawi (7000), Marekani (6500), Msumbiji (7500), Canada (3375), New Zealand (1785), Kenya (1700), India (1500) na Tanzania (1000). Hii unaweka takwimu karibu 60,00

Todays Exhortation


SHAPING OUR CHARACTERS Reading: Colossians ch. 3

What a wealth of meaning is conveyed to us by the use of that expression: "If the Lord will"—God willing. It should never be used by us without thought, for it is a complete acknowledgment of the truth and of the fact that our lives in all their varying requirements are under the definite control and are the direct concern of our heavenly Father. Further, what a wealth of comfort and encouragement and exhortation is there for the taking. That God does rule in our lives is a fact, whether we acknowledge it or not, because we have become His children, good or bad. Because of that truth, we are His, to care for and to discipline according as His foreknowledge knows best.

To know this is to trust. It is an end to undue anxiety or worry, for God wills, God is in control. We need not seek a reason or an immediate explanation for the things that come upon us. All our ways and our days are under the control of our Father who is directing things according to His purpose with us. Always provided that we are striving to live our lives in obedience to His revealed will, then we just cannot fail, for God is in control.

The Word of God, and six thousand years of history, teach us that for His children happiness can be based only upon an acknowledging of these principles. They are set out in our readings from Paul's letter to the Colossians. Turn for a moment and r